Many Dimensions Healing

Deep healing involves the collaboration of all the parts of ourselves as human beings... our bodies, minds, and the spirit that infuses us. When we are out of balance in any one of these dimensions, we may experience stress, loss of functioning, pain and suffering.

We deserve good health and abundant energy. There is a wisdom within each of us that holds the potential for vibrant health. An integrative approach to healing engages the many dimensions of being and moves us beyond problem-solving towards balance and wholeness.

Many Dimensions Healing embraces the knowledge that...

  • the body stores memory and emotion, and is a vital resource to making significant life changes;
  • we are energy systems and can consciously work with energy to heal ourselves;
  • guidance is available when we learn to listen deeply;
  • healing is a dynamic, creative process; and
  • we are creative beings.

Many Dimensions Healing may utilize massage therapy, Reiki, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy or creating mandalas. Regardless of treatment choice, there is one underlying guiding the approach:All answers lie within.

When we enter into Stillness, quiet the stress response and mind chatter, we can hear the Self calling us to realize our purpose, creativity, and full brilliance.